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A Farewell to our Wonderful Annie Mohler...

As Pillow Talk has grown over the years, it's always a pleasure when you get a new

employee in the store who is as enthusiastic about your products as you are. Annie Mohler has been working on and off for Pillow Talk over the last few years.

Last year when I was in the middle of building the website, there were not enough

hours in the day for me to complete everything that was needed to get done. I was working grueling hours to complete phases of the web, while at the same time manage customers, the store, and completing all of the monogramming. Julie, was in the middle of the busy season for custom cushions; the 3rd branch of the company she conceptualized and executed the previous summer. She herself was having trouble finding the time to get everything done and meet our deadlines.

Long story short, we needed someone to come in and simply manage the front of the store so that I could finish the website before the next millenium! We decided it was time to add a retail manager. We had several worthy applicants and many seasonal employees to choose from. That being said, the decision was a complete no brainer. Not only was Annie already trained in the store, but she has always been a favorite with our customers, and with us. She was just a perfect fit.

She was that missing link who came in and kept everything together. Picked up the slack where we couldn't manage. She managed due dates, schedules, placing orders, organizing the cutting table, and even the menial task of vacuuming when needed without complaint. Which, believe it or not... is a tough thing to ask of someone with a college education. She understood that we were a small business and everyone at one point or another needs to take out the trash. A team player to say the least.

When the magical day came and the website was built, photos were taken, the structure of how we were taking custom orders was organized, and the initial wave of products were ready to be added to the website- I needed help once again. It was too much work for one person to complete on their own. She sat in the conference room with me for upwards of 200 hours adding all of the information into the system. She helped us figure out an SEO plan, and then another when the first one didnt take. Without Annie, it is unlikely that this site would be up and running today. I would probably be in the conference room right now, with a full head of gray hair- which wouldn't be a great look for a 30 year old.

When it came to the website, it was difficult building something that I had never done before. Her constant encouragement and positivity kept the process going. We had a running joke during that time and wanted to keep a tally of how many times we said "We are getting so close to being done!". There would be light at the end of the tunnel and then our of nowhere there would be another 15 hours of work to do together in the conference room. Thank goodness for Sabai take out!

She was not only a fantastic Retail Manager who exceeded all expectations, but was also a wonderful friend to everyone in our little Pillow Talk community here in Eugene. She will be very much missed at the store, but we couldn't be happier for her and her new adventure. She will be joining the Miller-Coors family in Kansas City, MO. With what she has helped us accomplish here, I have no doubt she will quickly become an asset to their company as well.

Annie will be leaving at the end of the month. If you would like to come in and say goodbye and congratulations, please do so in the next couple of weeks.

Best of luck sweet and wonderful Annie!

Love, M

A Post Script from our Founder...

It is hard for me to convey the right tone and sentiment in this post because to me Annie was more than an incredible employee, she was and is part of our family.

When we hired Annie full time, I knew it was the right thing to do. I also knew that when the time came for her to start her career it would be hard to let her go.

Right again.

Working side by side with her was an absolute joy- every single day.

When customers ask me- "Are you going to miss her?"....

My response will be; Every single day.

So I give her the same send off I would give one of my own daughters~ Go out in the world and make your mark. Miller/Coors is lucky to have you.

With Love, JB

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