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How To Style Throw Pillows

The second we get a new bolt of fabric into the shop we are all busy thinking about what kind of pillow we are going to make it into and how we are going to style it. Everyone here has unique tastes and preferences so there is never a shortage of dream room scenarios for products. This inspiration board is just one of the many ways that this particular pillow could be displayed. We focused on the blue and the red in the pillow and found different pieces to make that accent red pop off of the intricate design. We paired it with some classic Asian pottery pieces including two footstools and a beautiful table lamp. The red mirror, blanket, figurines and table help tie the theme all together. This pillow would be perfect on a couch or chair in this room and could easily be paired with pillows in the same color scheme in different shapes and sizes. Follow us on Polyvore, Houzz and Pinterest for more ways to style these pillows!

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