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Don't forget about your furry friends!


Here at Pillow Talk we think dogs are an important part of the family! That means we think they deserve the best. We custom make dog beds in all sizes, which means that whether you have a small Terrier or a Golden Retriever we’ll be able to make something perfect for your dog! Choose a fun print or simpler style depending on what you and your dog prefer. And don’t forget to add your dog’s name to the bed! We can monogram the name in a variety of fonts and colors to match whatever fabric you choose.


We can also outfit your dog with style with our custom made monogrammed dog scarves! Pick a cute saying like “Table Scrap Patrol” or monogram your dog’s name. Whatever you choose will look cute on your pup!

Door Pillows

Help out your dog with our door pillows! Let your family know you left with our “Went on a walk” pillows or choose our “Let me out” pillows. The monogrammed “Let me out” pillows have bells attached to them so your dog can ring when they need to go out. No more barking! Unless they see a squirrel...


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