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Confused or overwhelmed by the many products and choices that we offer? We are here to help! Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about monogramming, color matching and everything in between!






How do monograms work?

Traditionally, monograms are three letters with the initial of the last name set larger in the middle with the first initial to the left and the middle name initial on the right. An example of this would be mBe for Megan Elizabeth Budge. For a married couple, the initial of the last name is set large in the middle with the first initial of the wife's name on the left and the first initial of the husband's name on the right. An example of this would be jBw for Julie and Whit Budge. Some monograms have all three letters the same size, and in this case the order would be first, middle, last. An example of this would be MEB for Megan Elizabeth Budge. 

I don't know what colors match! 

This is easier than it seems.  Complementary colors like blue/orange, yellow/violet, green/red (colors that are right across from each other on a standard color wheel) create a nice contrast. Colors with the same vibrancy and brightness are recommended. Be mindful that certain thread colors might not show up on the fabric of your choice, so in choosing a color you may have to go lighter or darker. We can always answer questions over the phone or by email if you're still stumped! 

I want my product NOW!


Hate to burst your bubble, but since all of our products are custom made they take a little while to get from us to you. If all the pieces to make your item are in stock they will ship out in 5-8 business days, but if backordered please allow 2-3 weeks. We will do our best to let you know when things here are taking longer than usual. 

Do you sell wholesale?

Unfortunately we are focusing just on the retail side of things for now. But, nothing is impossible! Check back here in a year or so to see if we have changed our mind. As always, give us a call if you have any questions and we will see if we can work something out. 

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